Hidden in Your Heart (or Dessert)

I am terrible at memorizing. Always have been. When I had to study notes and diagrams for school, I would make up jingles and word acronyms and the like to keep all the parts I needed to know in my head. I’m a visual learner and “see” what I need to remember… mostly. How about you, my friend? Are you good at keeping things in your brain and remembering them “by heart”? I’m a visual learner, but by no means do I have a “photographic memory”. Somedays I wish I did… but, I guess my brain is too full of other stuff to keep all that information up there. So, I write it down. Lists are my friend. Sticky notes are even more special.

The hubby is good at remembering. He makes sure I remember anniversaries. He remembers where we went and what we wore. I sometimes remember what we ate 🙂 Speaking of eating… (I know, you are thinking where am I going with this… no worries, it’ll come). Speaking of eating… anyone out there have tips on how to get your family to eat more veggies? My kids are pretty good… but nothing “out of the norm”. No kale, squash, spinach…or zucchini. Which is going to be a problem if we grow lots this summer. What shall I do with all that summer squash???

I’ll tell you what I’ve started doing… I’ve started to “sneak” veggies in. “Hiding” them in some un-recognizable form. Raw spinich in mixed green salades. Squash in the form of soup (which they know is squash soup, but they seem to tolerate). I even fool myself by throwing beets in pretty pink smoothies. Because beets are gross. Consequently, this week I made two lovely desserts which included zucchini!! Yes, they knew the green stuff was in there… but it somehow became more delectible mixed in cocoa… or in the form of cake.

One of my favourite verses is Luke 2:19:

“But Mary treasured up all these things, pondering them in her heart.”

In the middle of all the goings on of the Christmas story, post partum, and visits from stinky shepherd strangers, Mary manages to hide away some special thoughts and memories deep in her new mother’s heart. God’s promises to her and all His re-assurances that, yes, she is a part of the plan, and that the plan is good. We, too, are to hide His word in our hearts. Memorizing is one way, but meditating on the verses and seeking guidance and studying are others. Like the veggies, we receive all the benefits of the Bible’s wise words and comforts, when God’s word is taken in and ingested. Perhaps, like me, you don’t like the discipline of strict memorization, and you need to mix it with something…like songs or colouring pages or, dare I say, blogging every week about your latest muse?

Well, there you have it, I have somehow managed to connect scripture memorization with vegetables hidden in sweet dishes. Who knows where my brain will go next, or what “hidden” thoughts will creep out now and then. Why don’t you follow along with the adventure and find out?! Get my weekly muses in your inbox each week! You can Join Here.

Interested in those zucchini desserts? I’ll post them to my Pinterest “Things we Love” board, so you can enjoy them too!

4 thoughts on “Hidden in Your Heart (or Dessert)

  1. Thanks for the encouragement. Memorizing consistently is so hard. I have recently started memorizing 1st John, and hopefully, through accountability, I will be a little more faithful.


  2. I loved Steve Green’s “Hide ’em in your heart” cassettes that were played constantly when my girls were young. Yes, cassettes, so you know how long ago that was! Hiding Scripture, hiding veggies, great analogy Kim! I love how your creative juices flow! Is that carrot or beet juice? 🙂


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