To Begin to Be

Another week has literally flown by in my world! It’s almost a contradiction of sorts…we are supposed to be in a “stay-at-home”/ lockdown situation and yet I have been busier now than before the pandemic! I’m spending long hours at work, while everyone else is at home dirtying dishes, eating up the food and otherwise creating messes that no one has time to clean up because zoom meetings and stay at home activities are consuming all the rest of the waking hours. It’s tiring, this “not doing anything”. Which makes it seem like there is nothing to write about… everything is vaccines, Covid numbers and infection rates. Is there nothing else to talk about?

Of course, there are always things to muse and ponder over… we just have to be prompted in the right direction, which was my go-to this week… a writing prompt (thanks “The Grace Space” Facebook group!) I chose the word “become”. A verb. An action word. “To begin to be” is how google describes it. I like that. “To begin to be”. It evokes images of emerging from a cocoon, transformed into a new being…changed. Metamorphosis. Transformation from one thing to the next. I suppose it is not necessarily the direct change, but the process of change? Hmmnn. A good word to ponder: become.

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We helped our eldest move in to her first bachelor apartment this weekend. She has “become” an official tenant of her own space. In charge of paying rent, filling out forms, and signing up for her own bills. She’s responsible for her own space and must now manage it unfettered from her parents. She has “become” independent. As mom, I am excited for her. I am curious to see how things play out. She’s been out of the house since starting University, but this is one more step… out of the nest. As parents, we will certainly be available for advice giving, guidance and care packages. You are welcome “home” for a meal and free laundry, but the time has come to venture and learn and grow on your own.

Likewise, the youngest became an official teenager this week. Age thirteen means no more excuses. It also means we can no longer eat off the children’s menu and get the “under 12” discounts. The kids have become adult material. Well, at least teenage material. “Begin to be”. I guess the hubby and I are becoming empty nesters. I know it is only beginning to be because the state of my house indicates there are certainly still fledglings hanging around eating up all the snacks! Yet, we are beginning to see glimpses of the future. Now don’t get all sentimental on me. This is what you trained them up for! (Read more of my thoughts about this here.). It delights my heart to watch my kids take on tasks that challenge and grow them. Perhaps I am a little too eager for their independence. Perhaps I will regret not keeping them young a little longer. So far, I am enjoying the “beginning to be”.

One of the very first verses I had to memorize as a kid was 2Corinthians 5:17:

“Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation.[a] The old has passed away; behold, the new has come.”


The bible is full of verses similar to this. Thoughts about “becoming”. “Beginning to be”. Changing, not only from our former (sinful) selves, but continuing to grow, mature and develop “in Christ”. Maturing. Much like my children are doing as they go through this earthly life. The scholarly word for this becoming is sanctification. Being set apart as holy, and refining oneself to a life of purity, consecration and Biblical service. Here at mittonmusings, we call it the faith journey… one that I share about each week (even when I don’t feel I have much to write about!). It’s not about the perfection, but about the journey, the process, the “begin to be” action word. Butterflies are one of my favourite symbols of this journey. You will notice them on our logo and blog banner… because they give us a very clear example of how our lives are changed from the touch of Christ: we start out as lumpy, worm like caterpillars and emerge as changed beings… still fragile and delicate but beautiful nonetheless. It’s an image that makes me smile. What will you “begin to be” this week, my beloved?

Photo by Alexander Löwe on Unsplash

1 thought on “To Begin to Be

  1. Oh, you should have asked for one of my many butterfly photos! I LOVE butterflies. We become what we behold! Wonderful words, wonderful writings again Kim. Thank you


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