The Call of the Crows

CalloftheCrows1I’m writing this post under the tranquil setting of the tall oaks… okay it’s not true.  Unfortunately, the internet is not reliable here, and although I thought of playing it old school and using pen and paper and transferring it later… I am just too lazy for that.  (Funny how attached to our technology we are now, eh?)   So.  I am writing contemplating this post under the tranquil setting of the tall oaks near our summer home.  The olive leaves sway gently in the breeze, a mix of mature and mighty oaks and a few spindly little ash trees.  The ash borer beetle destroyed a lot of them a few years back.  It’s so pleasant here.  In the spring, the leaves are sparser and you can almost say we have a lakefront view.  The lake is there, the forest just blocks it most of the time.  Occasionally, if you are really patient, a chipmunk or squirrel will dart through, inquisitively eyeing you, hoping you have a treat or dropped one nearby.  The other night the foxes crept near,  sheltered by the dark brush, but close enough to let us know they are becoming less afraid of us humans.

It’s cooler here than over in the field where the sun beats down all summer.  It has its disadvantages though — nothing ever dries, and the dark, damp ground attracts mosquitoes.  We don’t picnic outside too often, here in the bush.  But it’s a great place to read — or contemplate blog posts.  We rarely have to cut the grass.  Nothing grows much, except the weeds that seem to tolerate the acidic soil.  It’s tranquil, but it is definitely not quiet.CalloftheCrows2

I live in the city, so you think I would be used to the noise.  However, up here it is nonstop.  We love how a good thunderstorm sounds on the roof of the trailer.  During the day you can hear the people playing and enjoying their vacations, or a boat out on the lake beyond the trees.  On Mondays, the garbage truck comes by and you can hear the bins clanging.  Cars make a distinct grinding noise as they go slowly down towards the private cottages along the gravel roads.  The squirrels and chipmunks climb high into the oaks and get at the acorns.  Every so often they drop one, and if it happens to drop on our porch roof it bangs with such a thud, you’d think there has been a shot fired!  Seriously — it’s loud.  When you get used to it, you wait for the ping ping ping as the nut rolls down the incline and off the roof.   Single handedly, the most annoying noise in the woods, however, is the crows.CalloftheCrows3

I say they are crows, but they might be ravens.  They’re big, but ravens are bigger, though, I think.  So let’s say they are crows.  You don’t see them often, their black, sleek bodies with just a hint of iridescent green, blend in to the dense foliage in the treetops.  Sometimes you can hear them fly in — the flapping of their huge wings like some horror movie from the sixties.  It’s their calling that is so obnoxious, though.  Kinda like a cross between a duck quack and dog bark.  Loud and harsh.  It doesn’t seem to hold any meaning either… perhaps they answer one another.  Perhaps they just like to be heard.  Like a two year old and a new, flashy, electronic toy that is stuck on repeat… caw, caw, caw… Either way, the sound is creepy.  During the day, they are there, but the other noises drown them out, and it is easier to ignore them.  It’s in the wee hours of the morning when they become most hideous.  The sun is barely up and the calling begins… like some sick rooster announcing the dawn.   No pretty songbird chirp, just caw, caw.  How come the falling squirrel acorns don’t hit them on the way down and knock ’em out?  Sheesh!

And yet, as I sit here in contemplation, I can’t help but compare the crows to the doubts, fears and insecurities in our lives.  Big, black, and often overshadowing the pretty songs of our other qualities, our doubts creep in and disrupt all our other solitudes.  “Am I good enough?” “Why does this always happen to me?” “Will we make it to the next paycheck?” “What about the kids?”  I don’t know what your doubt is, my friend, but I know that we all have those nagging worries somewhere down in our souls.  We can ignore them most of the time — when the other noisy distractions can push them aside.  They hide in the treetops until, sometimes, in the wee hours, when no one else is around to displace them, they come calling again.  Loud and harsh.  Caw, caw, caw.Callof theCrows4

I want to end this post on a positive note, but the crows will always be there in the treetops… and the doubts and fears will always be there, too.  Sometimes they fly away and the calling stops, but then a new set of crows show up and the noise begins again, in a different tune and tone.  Take comfort, then, that God is the orchestrator of the forest, the one who created the “call of the crows”.  I don’t understand why all the noise, to me it is just harsh and annoying — but He has some purpose in the call.  It’s up to us to give it over to Him, and let Him use those needling noises, the ones all unrelenting and severe in our ears, to blend them in to the swaying melody of the mighty oak forest, in a concert worthy of the master conductor.


It’s the Little Things

Little thingsThe Mitton crew has just returned home from a lovely vacation in our summer dwelling.  It truly was lovely.  Except, that about two days in, I got sunburnt.  It was my own fault, really, I did not re-apply the sunblock and could feel the crispy-ness attacking my legs… but was simply too lazy to head back in to shore from the rubber dingy I was lounging in.  Consequence received, I spent the next few days slightly pinked and diligently re-applying the “after sun” aloe vera gel and searching for home remedies for sunburn.  Then the youngest got a sliver in her foot after dancing around barefoot on the dock.  Why is a sliver always the biggest disaster to a small child?  Breathe.  Dig out the blessed thing, slap a Band-Aide there, and move on.  Sheesh.  I soon discovered that it’s the little things in life that make up your days.  Much to the delight of that same little girl, we also fed pistachios to a cheeky little black squirrel who was just brave enough to come near.  We watched the sun go down over the lake and marvelled at the orange and pink glows that silhouetted the trees beyond us.  We giggled under the covers as we read our book late into the night.  None of these things were super adventurous.  We didn’t save the world or climb a mountain.  There were no great heros.  None of these things were utter disasters, either.  There were no trips to the hospital or bank loans needed.  And yet, as I seek to be more grateful, I am again reminded that often it’s the little things that matter.  You can consider this post my gratitude journal of sorts.  A documentation of things that simply remind me of why I should be happy.Little things3

As time goes on and my hair gets a few more streaks of grey in it, I can’t help but stop and remember the days when the kids were babes and we rejoiced at their first steps, and encouraged them as they splashed and played in the sand at the beach.  The greatest joys were when the sandcastle moat collapsed and you had to quickly breach the leaks before the whole kingdom was washed away in the floods.  Slivers were a big deal then too.  But so was jumping off the dock, and pushing the limits was getting just a bit closer to putting their whole face under the water!  Now they strut about with their friends like proud peacocks, hoping mom and dad don’t totally embarrass them by acknowledging their presence.  Oh — the horror — you have parents!

I am delighted to see you grow and come into your own as you begin to lead.  To begin to take more chances and go off on your own.  To not only put your face underwater, but jump wholeheartedly forward… willing to sink or swim. I remember hearing a preacher say once that when you are a new mom, you should be thankful for every Cheerio you pick up off the floor — revel in the moment that you are in right now.  Little ThingsTo be honest, if you are that new mom… you have no desire to be thankful for those blasted bits of cereal… I know, I been there, sister…  but now that some time has passed, I can tell you…yup…it’s true… you are thankful for the Cheerios.  Psychology tells us that there are benefits to gratitude, to counting our blessings and to recognizing that seeking joy makes us healthier.  (Just so you know: it’s not psychology… it’s a God thing…)

Our lives are so full of little things.  The everyday blessings and hurts of this journey we call life.  The slivers and the sunsets.  I am trying to enjoy the learning process — are you?  Are you taking time to revel in the moment that you are in right now?  To not complain about your aches and pains, your lack of wifi, your bank balance or what the weather is doing?  It’s hard.  I get it.  I have those days too… when I am tired and sad and everything seems to go kaput.  But we are here for a only a brief moment, a mere blip in the eternity of time.  So pull out that splinter, slap a Band-Aide on there, eat the Cheerio off the floor, and go jump in the lake!Little things2


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Dinosaur Fossils: My First Guest Post!


Thanks so much for following along with me at!  I am encouraged by my steady increase in “followers” and am thoroughly enjoying the adventure.  Thank you for participating in the journey!  If you care to share, please pass on your favourite post via google+, facebook, bloglovin’, instagram or pinterest!  Drumroll… I am now tweeting on Twitter too!  You can also email your friends the link or follow along via wordpress reader!  Ha!  You can even TALK to others about it… how crazy would that be?! I am quickly learning that in the blog “underworld” (yes, it truly is another world lying in the shadows of a undiscovered realm of bloggers and writers in this thing we call the internet!) sharing is the biggest way that you can grow! As I learn to put myself  “out there”,  I am happy to announce that I have shared in my first guest post!  So… instead of posting another blog this week… please head on over to visit Anna at and read all about my easy dinosaur fossil craft!



I’ll be back next Tuesday with another muse about something close to my heart!  Until then, encourage one another, love deeply and smile a little.  🙂


My Mind is Blown! (A “Blogging Wallflower’s” Review)

Okay, my dear friends and followers, here’s the scoop. I feel like I am a bit overloaded with this new learning adventure. It has been quite the roller coaster ride, taming this technology thing. I now see random things and think… oooh, I should snap a photo for the blog… or how could I write about that?! I go to bed dreaming of post topics and thinking of ways to increase my followers. Did you know that every magazine you read in the dentist’s office has some teeny, tiny printed stuff in the beginning that lists who to contact in case you want to write them?! It’s like finding the hidden pictures in one of those puzzle books — and I am making lists! I’m afraid I kinda get like this when I take on a new project. Jump in with both feet and discover it consumes me. Only I’m super loving it ! What started out as a whim… has become a new passion! My family is devastated. Rolling their eyes with the knowledge that mom is excited about another adventure. *Ack*


Come join me on this adventure! (Photo: Pexels)

That being said, this post is going to be relatively short and to the point. Partially because I am packing for a big scrapbooking retreat this weekend and won’t have much time for editing (yeah! clap my hands! for crafting all weekend with no dishes to do!) and partially because I still have no great insights. My mind is blown at how vast this world wide web blogging community is and how vast the diversity is among us. I have only scratched the surface. Barely a dent in this huge monstrosity. I am going to need a lot of help. Help to learn this “thing”, and help to keep me balanced as mom, wife and friend.

Admittedly, I am not social. I’m not good at connecting with others. I have not learned to articulate my words well verbally. I build up walls often, and don’t say what I think… or at least what I say doesn’t always come out the way I want it to.


I am much better in black and white. I am a “texter”, not a phone caller. I read about another blogger that refers to herself as a “wallflower blogger”. That’s me. Hiding in the shadows a bit, blooming, but not showing off in all my brilliance in the middle of the meadow. Perhaps this is why blogging has become a new and exciting thing. It is giving me boldness. A bit of anonymity to share things without really knowing who may hear it. Hopefully, this is a good thing. I am learning to be <a href="http://Authentic“>authentic, honest and trustworthy. My intention is to challenge and inspire. This includes my bible based references and faith. It is an important part of me that connects with the “rest of me”. I trust my readers will respect that.

So. It’s been almost 3 full months since I launched mittonmusings. Consider this my “new job” probationary review. I am learning all kinds of marketing strategies, new techno lingo, connected with other bloggers, and have challenged myself on so many new fronts. I am still learning and hope to grow even more. I am thankful for the few of you who have boosted me by being instant followers. Would you consider helping me by sharing? I’m not sure how God might use this platform yet, but am excited to see what the future holds! (I am working on some new and exciting things…. )

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Need a Niche?

Still learning to do this blog thing.  Trying to get my media in better condition too.  Suggestions?  Leave me a comment. Would love to hear how to get those pics edited and transformed!  But… this is not what I wanted to write about today.


Blog1 - Page 002

Niche. It’s a wonderful little word.  I like it.  As a scientist, I learned a niche meant where you fit in the food chain. Where you belonged in the big wide world.  Eat or be eaten.  The French origin means a safe spot or kennel.  A place where you “fit” to be sheltered and kept from harm.  That crevice in the rock where Moses was sheltered from all the Glory of God (Exodus 33:22).   It’s a good word — but a useless one.

Niche.  It’s a wonderful little word.  I like it.

Does anyone really  fit in a niche?  The great blog gurus say that you should have a “niche” for your blog.  This way people will follow you based on your theme… where you fit in the blog food chain.  I don’t think I fit.  I like my animals.  I like photography.  I like learning.  I like crafts, I like travel, I like baking, I like eating my baking, and sometimes I even like my kids and my husband.  Why can’t I write about all those things?!  That classifies me as a “lifestyle” blogger according to the experts.  I found another blogger who feels the same way.  Chelsie, from Hey There Chelsie wrote about her views on the subject in this post from 2015.  For now I am taking her advice and writing about whatever tickles my fancy.

I say this because I truly don’t think anyone really fits into this perfect little square.  As much as I love it when all my pieces fit in a row and I am fully in control of my world, it never stays that way for long.  Life is just like that.  When I was younger, I had my life planned: I wanted to go to vet school, be married by a certain age, have my first house, my first kid by such and such and live and die — done.  Of course a failing Chemistry mark and a cute boyfriend changed some of those plans.  Only now, as a (ahem) middle aged grown up, do I recognize that God’s plans and timing are always perfect.  Even if I don’t like them.

Recently I attended a high school parent-teacher interview.  My eldest son is a kind-hearted, smart kid.  He loves people and is social like his dad.  He wants to serve the world in youth ministry after high school.  His teachers assured me that grade 12 math is not necessary for this plan.  I panicked.  You need math!  What if he wants other options? What if he doesn’t get in to the program he wants, or changes his mind and needs that prerequisite later? How do

How do we let go of the plans we have for our kids and let them choose the path that is right for them? (Photo credit: Pexels)

 we let go of the plans we have for our kids and let them choose the path that is right for them? Parenting often teaches us that we cannot mold our kids into the direction we want them to go.  Sometimes we have to do all that we can and hope for the best! I’ve been learning a lot about learning styles lately… which is a topic for another blog post … but it assures me that we are not all the same.  And that this is okay.  The world would be pretty boring if it was.

We never really are safe in this world.  It changes so rapidly.  We can hide in that cleft of the rock sometimes and God will certainly protect us there.  But eventually He kicks us out and makes us go back to a bunch of lost desert dwellers to do our jobs.  We can’t protect our children or our families from this churning whirlpool we call life.  We strategise and study and attempt to make plans and learn and fail and try again.  We have faith that God is in control and do our best to wander in the desert.  It’s just the way it is.

The bigger (and better) thing to do with our niche is to love it.  To learn to love the “fit” and enjoy where we are at.  It seems like I am counter arguing myself… I don’t mean we should be boxed in… I mean we should love our box! Create the passions and desires within us and then go with them!  Use them to the fullest… help others… do your best… learn a new skill… try, fail and try again!  Yeah, we might get eaten as part of the food chain… but maybe it fulfils a bigger picture and plan that we don’t understand quite yet.  It’s something huge we can teach each other:  to work together with our strengths and weaknesses to make this world a better place.  If each of us accepted our role, our “niche”, if you will… wouldn’t we fight and argue less?  It’s not saying one is better than the other… it simply fits like pieces of the puzzle.  Links on the chain.  Part of the plan.  Niche.  Yup… it is a wonderful little word.  I like it.  A lot.

Who’s in Control?

jason-blackeye-198848  So kind of freaking out right now!  The Blog launched about a week ago and I am still in a major learning curve about what creating a website is all about.  I am a big Pinterest  junkie so I created a new board in hopes to learn more about the blogging world.  Bam!  Hundreds of posts about getting rich quick ideas and how to make money on your blog.  Now don’t get me wrong, I would love to earn some cash from this learning experience…. but I want to be in charge of who and what gets on my website.  Is this too much to ask?  Am I just scared of the big, wide world?  I want people to read the blog (or I would have just stuck to my pen and paper journal….) but how do I gain those readers without compromising my beliefs and views?  I don’t want a hundred pop-ups to flash up saying “join me”.  (Okay, maybe I do….) But good Canadians don’t really want to offend anybody.  And this goodie-two-shoes girl certainly doesn’t want to rock the boat.

Then things like “Is your blog illegal?” start showing up.  Illegal?! Oh no… now I have entered a life of crime! Copyrights and credits to worry about. We are trained early on in school to give credit where credit is due.  Remember all those bibliographies you had to write?! Now you have to “turn it in” before you turn it make sure you haven’t plagiarized someone else’s work.  Okay, Okay… confession time.  My cute little girl at the top of this page is not me.   Her name is Lucy Doris and she’s from MelonHeadz and I think she kind of looks like me… so I used her.  But she was a freebie on the site!  Can I do that?!  I did.

But what about all those cool photos on the websites I see everyday?  Awk!  I discovered things called “stock photos” (the website designers all just died laughing… hey, I am a beginner, remember?!)  Wonderful photographers donate their photos to sites for people to pick and choose! Random places to find great photos!  Who knew?! WordPress has one.  I like Unsplash … they give you a chance to credit their photographers.  Which I will.  Because I am good like that.  Well trained.  No stealing credits here.  I must admit I was a little deflated though, that those super cool blogs I have been reading are faked with stock photos. *Sigh* disillusionment is part of learning too, I suppose.

security-protection-anti-virus-software-60504.jpeg But why are we so afraid of the security of the web?  Maybe some of you are not afraid at all… you post willy-nilly and don’t care what happens.  I, for one, want to know what our kids are watching.  Our computer is in the living room so everyone can see what’s on the screen.  It’s hard now that our screens are in the palms of our hands.  Why did I update our virus protection and check passwords last week?  So many of our actions are “online” now.  Who’s in control?  I certainly don’t know all the ins and outs of the computer.  I am learning.  But I might get hacked.  I might get hate mail from a post. Maybe a few of you will read mittonmusings and appreciate my thoughts…even follow me! (Click the follow button on the right!) But for now I will continue learning… and be cautious and be “websmart” as they say.

Oh… and those stock photos from today’s post?  Jason Blackeye (Unsplash) and WordPress Media.