Technical Difficulties

Well my friends, this post is going to be late. Apologies to those who read early on Tuesdays, but it just is what it is. I wanna say that I had “technical difficulties” and there was trouble uploading or downloading or syncing or something. Truth is, I’m just lazy and never got around to posting until now. But for the sake of saving my blogging status, let’s just say that there were technical difficulties, okay?

It’s what I’ve been musing about a little this week. That weird and wonderful subject again: technology. It’s a topic I chat about now and then, not because I am a big fan, nor am I techno-savvy or in anyway an expert, but because I am just the opposite. Self taught and struggling through. Our world is so automated now. Especially in this 2020 pandemic: Zoom chats, iphone messages, and let’s just take a moment to ponder how many students are now being educated via a screen! Bless your hearts, educators who have stepped up and had to put yourself out there “online” for all to see. If you saw my “unboxing” in last week’s post, you’ll note that technology (especially videos) are really not my thing. Leave me a printed note and this girl’s a happy clam. But, I digress.

The Mitton crew had a moment last week where we did have some technical difficulties, however. Minor, for sure, but our computer “upgraded” and suddenly we were locked out of our usual password. After numerous tries (why do we always check? It’s like pressing the elevator button over and over — it doesn’t make it work faster but we are convinced it does) we finally ended up changing the password and moving on. I’m positive ya’ll have experienced this in one form or another. Or you need to access an account you rarely visit and have forgotten the password? Or they make you change it — oh, and not to one you have used in the past, oh no, it must be new, with 8 letters and a symbol, but not an uppercase letter, nor your mother’s maiden name but contain the number 3 and be linked to your first pet… you get the picture.

I know, I know, Computer systems are there to help. Just think of all the advances we have made since the internet! Efficiency is the goal. Fast speeds and 5G’s. And it’s not the computer program’s fault if something glitches, it’s the user’s error, right? I’m learning a new system at work, and am struggling to remember the “steps” to get to certain screens. I know the information I want is there and available — but how do I access it? You hear me, right? I’m not alone here, right? All these thoughts have been swimming in my head this week and I’ve been trying to make connections (literally!). Are computer systems like our spiritual walk? We serve a perfect God who has all sorts of information available to us if we only knew how to take the correct steps. We are fallible humans who fall one too many times into the category of “user error”. We get “locked out” of blessings and joys because we haven’t linked in recently to the program and God’s plan for us.

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Perhaps you’re debating the pros and cons of physical, real life connections versus “online”. Does God still work via the internet? I hope so, or this blog is not worth my time. Are you and your church leaders struggling to serve your communities “from a distance”? Should you open up the building or continue on YouTube? Are you a parent trying to plan for a safe return to school, but still being supportive of your teachers and your child’s friends? I want things to be different. I want things to be “real” and not the polished Instagram version of faith. I want to have truth and not algorithm based “likes”. Yet, maybe I am wrong. Maybe I’m limiting God too much. Surely He works above and beyond the confines of the internet. Of course the one who created the universe is not limited by digital glitches and binary systems. My faith is small. For Christ does not have “technical difficulties”. May you and I both be encouraged by that thought this week.

Summer Reading

This week’s post is going to be a little short and sweet — just like our summer has been! After many weeks off due to Covid-19, these last few weeks of “official” summer seem to be going quickly! As usual, we always have bigger plans that never get accomplished… but hey, that’s life, right?! One of the goals was to do more casual reading… which didn’t really happen to the extent that I hoped for, but I thought I would share an update this week anyway! Maybe it will wet my appetite to buckle down for the last few weeks and escape with a good book!

The eldest Mitton is a devote reader and has already devoured the new Hunger Games book, The Ballad of Songbirds and Snakes and has others on the go. I am currently finishing A Single Spark (look for my review coming soon!) But now, thanks to Graf-Martin, I have a whackload to explore! Here’s a sneak peak for you:

(Did I mention I have another goal to learn to make better videos? That will be a big process! I am certainly learning in that department! ) What about you, my friends? Have you been devouring literature and setting goals for renewing your minds? Books are a good way to supplement our Bible knowledge, and often seeing or reading about someone else’s perspective helps to enrich our own! In today’s world, I sometimes find it difficult to enrich my mind without contaminating it. There are so many less-than-holy media options these days, it’s hard for one to keep it both entertaining and enriching!

Philippians 4 reminds us to meditate on things that are pure, lovely and praiseworthy! It’s my thought for you this week! It’s a challenging task, for sure. Shall we help each other out? Share your favourite read or video in the comments below or on our socials — we’d love to hear from you!!


I learned an interesting life lesson this week. At least it was a muse that could possibly turn into a life lesson. As you know, we have a new puppy added to the Mitton zoo. “Reese” has been with us for about a month now, and is slowly adjusting to our world — and the two cats that live with us. So here comes the lesson: yes, cats and dogs can get along. Sort of. As much as our pet rats and the cats get along. Let me paint the picture for you:

Large domestic cat wanders up the stairs and comes face to face with stinky, slightly smaller, energetic puppy who sees said cat and decides this may be a fun new friend to play with…. large, grumpy cat who has no tolerance for said bouncy pup, makes deep growling noise, lets out a hiss and with a quick paw swipe, communicates his distaste for the new invader to the household. Then large cat proceeds to walk by, hop up on the windowsill and bathe in the sunbeams, leaving bewildered dog rendered speechless. Second scenario: somewhat smaller and, shall we say, less “streetwise” cat, comes upon said bouncy (and still naive) puppy and considers that this creature may be worth the play. Well, a chase pursues, and cottony white fur flies as female cat finds the highest point to perch and proceeds to bless the world that she is still alive. Dog barks excitedly and decides the fluff is not worth it.

All that being said, as I write this post, two cats are on the windowsill with sleeping dog contented at their feet — and peace ensues once again in the Mitton household. Will they be best friends? More than likely not. Will they learn to live at peace? I hope so. I suspect the cat food will forever be eaten by the greedy dog, though, and we will have to be on constant watch. Frenemies. Have you heard of this word? The “urban” dictionary informally defines it as “a person with whom one is friendly despite a fundamental dislike or rivalry.” Do you have such a person in your life? A co-worker? Boss? Facebook friend who posts those political quotes you would love to sink your teeth into — but don’t because who wants to see that on Facebook? A family member perhaps? We all come with our own set of opinions and passions. This is a good thing — but it often ends up in, well, a cat and dog fight.

Scripture is full of words encouraging us to live in peace with one another. To love our neighbours as ourselves and do good to even our enemies. But does God expect us to get along with everyone? Is that even possible? I’ve had this conversation with my kids several times. “It’s not fair” “This person is so…” “I hate so and so…” Strong words full of emotion and sometimes hurt. Deserved hurt after spilled words that were unkind or uncalled for. A conversation or action that spews evil. I’m guilty of it myself. Yet, when I dig deep, I’m usually tired, or upset at something totally unrelated, or unsure, and I lash out in a last ditch effort to find comfort in my own skin by barking out at someone else. Still, we are called to forgive. I remind my kids to be kind — even when it is hard. Those actions speak so much louder than words.

So how does a Jesus follower respond? Are “frenemies” okay to have? Do they only lead to back stabbing and fur flying? Sigh. Isn’t it comforting to know that God is so much bigger than our quarrels? He can heal the broken heart and melt the callous one. He can miraculously establish peace when there should fundamentally not be any. Does it mean we have to “do lunch” and smile and nod and agree all the time? No. But we are called to love, and to be at peace with one another as much as we are able. Even if the fur does fly now and then. Blessings, my beloveds! May you be encouraged in the journey this week… and aim for peace.