The Advent Candle of Hope

Once upon a time, a small table stood in the corner of an old church. Upon it sat four candles. Their lights were dim and barely glowing. The shadows cast were gloomy and silent, and you could scarcely hear the candles speak. The first candle whispered, “I am Peace. But these days are dark with war and no one wants to keep the Peace anymore.” The Peace candle slowly flickered out into a puff of silent smoke.

The second candle jiggled slightly at the sight of Peace’s flame extinguishing. “I am Faith. Very few have kept the Faith these days — and I am tired of fighting. I am no longer essential in today’s society.” The Faith candle had no more energy and flickered out.

As it watched the other two candles, the sad third candle spoke, barely audible in the now dimly lit corner. “I am Love, but I no longer have the strength to carry on. People put me aside and don’t understand my importance. They even forget to love those who are nearest to them.” Waiting no longer, the third candle of Love quickly extinguished completely.

Suddenly, a small child entered the church’s barely lit sanctuary and sees that three candles are no longer burning and begins to cry. “Why are you no longer aflame?! You are supposed to stay lit until the end!”

It is now, that the fourth candle speaks gently to the small child. “Don’t be afraid, for I am Hope, and while I still burn, we can re-light the other three candles, and encourage them to share their light!” With shining eyes and a tear-streaked face, the child took the Candle of Hope and lit the other three candles. A warm glow once again enkindled the old church sanctuary.

The moral of the story is: Never let the flame of Hope go out of your life, for no matter how bad things look, Faith, Peace and Love can continue to shine brightly if there is Hope.

I came across this little story (by an unknown author) and adapted it here for my post about our first week of Advent: The candle of HOPE. Romans 5 reminds us that even through our trials, hope brings about good. If our hope is in Christ, our futures are bright. He brings the joy of the season fresh and new. Sometimes called the prophecy candle, the first candle of Advent can remind us that not only did Jesus come to earth on the first Christmas night, but He is coming again soon!

Abstract Advent – Four Purple Candles

Biblical Hope waits and endures. It isn’t flimsy or merely wishful thinking. It can withstand fire, trials and despair. It can spark the flame of Love, Peace and Faith. Feel the warmth of Hope’s glow my beloveds! Until next week!

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I know I know… what a weird topic to blog about. Pancakes. Trust me, it gets even weirder from here. Why on earth was I thinking about pancakes? Here’s the story. It all started a few weeks ago when I was out grocery shopping. I started perusing the PC Insiders Holiday Report (no endorsements given here, I just happen to like their products… but if Galen Weston wants to hook me up… I’m here for it!). This is one of the current ads for their latest meal kit for the holidays:

Photo via PC insiders report online

So if you read the description… it clearly states the meal includes a “pancake”. And I mused: “A pancake?” This is not the fluffy, cake-like circle upon which I eat with syrup, chocolate chips and/or berries. Certainly, Peking duck does not a pancake make. And why is this a holiday thing? Green onion and red peppers? Apparently, I am very wrong. “Pancakes” are very diverse among a very vast and wide group of people. A little digging has opened me up to a whole new world of what constitutes a “pancake”. IHOP notwithstanding. (This Canadian girl learned that the American restaurant chain “IHOP” stands for International House of Pancakes… who knew?)

Some are thin and light… à la “crêpes”, and some are thicker like flatbreads or blinis. Dutch babies, bannock, Jonnie cake, flapjacks, toutons, crumpets, and my favourite-sounding name: crempogs (Welsh). And yes… China has a pancake version filled with savoury treats like Peking duck. I humbly apologize for my lack of foodie-ness. What did I know? Served at anytime or season. Holidays or lazy Sunday mornings.

And there are other pancake definitions as well! My sporty children tell me there is a move in volleyball called the pancake. The techies talk about the pancake bot… some kind of 3D printer thing… but does it make pancakes? I do not understand. And of course the adjective usage: flat as a pancake. You’ve got to love English. It lacks so much in descriptive ability. Flat cake made in a pan = pancake. My mind has so many questions.

“The Pancake move in volleyball”

So, my beloveds. How will I transition from all this talk of breakfast food to my “inspirational twist”? Diversity. I am fascinated that the Bible’s words can continue to be fresh and new each time you read them. Verses come alive every single time. Maybe diversity is not the right word. I want to say that scriptures can have different meanings depending on your perspective … like the thought of a “pancake” is different depending on where you live… but maybe that is not theologically sound. God’s Word doesn’t change. Yet, the mystery of it … is that it does. Do you see it? Have you felt this? Tell me you get it and that it is not just me! Verses you have heard time and time again suddenly leap off the page and “melt in your mouth” like a savoury pancake instead of syrupy sweet. A single phrase speaks to you in a way that it never has before. Just perfect for this moment in your life. This is the joy of reading ancient words inspired by God Himself.

Alive, diversified by the writer’s perspective, yet completely homogenous at the same time. Nowadays we have the added bonus of different versions of the Bible and concordances to enhance our studies even further. Like a kitchen full of ingredients ready to be added to make your perfect pancake. Yum! Taste and see that it is good.

Photo by Daniela Constantin

The Chosen

No official long drawn out post this week… but a happy announcement! Season 3 of The Chosen is showing episodes one and two in theatres! In Canada! That’s impressive…

I am pretty sure I’ve mentioned this series at mittonmusings before… our family is faithful followers and we are excited to see the climax of this story… when the followers of Jesus put their money where their mouth is and get down to the tough stuff!

  • The wait is over: The Chosen Season 3 begins in theatres November 18.
  • In this most emotional and consequential chapter yet, the honeymoon phase is over as the disciples begin facing the real cost of following Jesus.
  • The theme of Season 3 is, “Come to me all you who are weary and heavy-burdened, and I will give you rest.”
  • As Jesus’ followers face mounting internal and external pressures, they learn to find courage and peace no matter what’s thrown at them.
  • Season 3 begins in theatres November 18, and episodes will begin releasing for free in the Chosen app before Christmas

Click below to see all the details! Maybe we will see you there!

The Chosen in Theatres