Writer’s Block

Oh, my beloveds… I’m so sorry to say that mittonmusings has to take a little break. It has become increasingly hard to find topics to write about in recent weeks and I am beginning to feel a little writer’s fatigue. They say it happens. I’m finding myself “stealing” ideas from other places and trying to come up with enough words to complete a post.

And so, I’ve decided to take a little breather. It’s not “goodbye” — but rather, “see you soon”.

I suspect I will be back shortly; but the time has come to recoup, rediscover, rethink and perhaps rebrand myself. I have to do some thinking. Farewell, for now, my friends.

See you soon!

3 thoughts on “Writer’s Block

  1. Hi Kim, So very sorry to hear as I enjoy your writings very much. You are truly gifted. I get it though. Hopefully, you will be inspired to write a book! Keep in touch! Blessings!!


  2. Dear Kim, this comment is very late. My apologies. I am content to wait as you “retool”, re-energize or just plain change your strategies, whatever you need. I had joined your followers late in the game, and understand your fatigue in your ‘labour of love’, sharing your deep thoughts, ideas ,& questions. We have been blessed by your gift. Wishing you well in your ‘ sabbatical’ or whatever you name your time away from this activity you have bestowed upon us all. We will understand whatever your decision might be. Elizabeth L.


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