Greetings! Kind of in the mood for a #throwback Tuesday (why wait for Thursday, right?!) My world has been in the review stage recently — doing some introspection and future dreaming. Admittedly, feeling at a loss and trying to catch up.

Therefore, this post will be short and sweet. I’ve linked a bunch of previous posts, in hopes that you will review, along with me, some of the muses I have had in the past and maybe prompt you to suggest some follow ups. If you are new to the blog — welcome to the adventure! I welcome your feedback and want to partner with you in your faith journey as I muse about mine.

In case you were wondering, I group my blog posts into a few categories:

  • travel
  • things to do
  • technology/blog
  • pets/kids
  • inspiration
  • education
  • crafting
  • book reviews

Obviously, I don’t nail all of them regularly, but these are roughly what I write about. These are my life. I welcome you to share it.

Need a Niche?

Lost Socks… and How to Love Them

The Green Debate

They Say Elephants never Forget


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