Light in the Darkness

Alright my friends, I need you to help settle a little debate I’m having with the hubby. I think it is perfectly okay to say “it was pitch black dark” outside. He says that saying “pitch black” is redundant… black is black, no need to describe it. What do you think? Is my description an over zealous attempt to embellish an already described adjective? I don’t know, I think you can have varying degrees of “darkness”… shades of grey if you must. And “pitch black dark” is dark. Scary dark.

I suppose as we approach the end of October, it is the appropriate time to talk about all things scary… and dark. Have you ever been lost in the dark? We have often travelled along country roads unfamiliar to us “after dark”. And let me tell you, with no city street lights and only distant farm houses to light your way, the back roads can be frightening at night. I’ve sent up more than a few quick prayers on such occasions, hoping we don’t meet a large animal or sudden dip in the road! Can I get an amen? Tell me this “city girl” is not the only one who notices these things?

Ever been down one of those dark, country roads?! (Photo credit: Pierre PRESTAT)

Let’s muse about dark and light for a little bit. I think it is a pretty well known assumption that “darkness” versus “light” is often symbolic of evil and good, respectively. All things “bad” hide out in the shadows. Light shines as a beacon of hope and goodness in an otherwise evil or dark world. Statistically speaking, the actual word “darkness” appears 175 times through out the Bible. Physical darkness (like the eclipse that happened at the cross or during the plagues) usually indicates a presence of evil or a removal of the Divine. No wonder we naturally fear it. Separation from God and the goodness He brings is a frightening thing to think about. Most of the 175 verses back up our thoughts thus far. I challenge you to look them up, the verses are quite powerful and will make you so much more aware of the character of God and His ultimate power and presence. Consequently, the very real presence of evil are also quite evident in these verses as well.

And yet, during this time of year, we seem to be celebrating it. I’m not here to debate the pros and cons of Halloween or Trick or Treating. I love a great costume. And who doesn’t like candy? I love a good spooky movie, too. Still, I am discovering that the next generation has no idea how scary the “dark side” can really be. And I am not talking about Darth Vader either. Wizards, witches and oils, potions and piercings have weaseled their way into our everyday lives with very little attention to their origins. It’s worth some digging.

“Black as Pitch” ( Photcredit: elizaIO)

As with any hot topic of the day, I think it is important to do your research. Have open and honest conversations. Debate and challenge off the cuff remarks and blind followings. Ya’ll know I am an advocate for the “never stop learning” approach to life… and this includes the mystical stuff too. Learn and understand — but be discerning.

Do we have to fear the darkness? Should we shy away and not discuss it? No! God has overcome it. His light blinds out the dark like the headlights of the oncoming cars on the deserted country road. We must be wise, but confident, that Satan and all His evil ways have been defeated. The debate on that topic is no longer up for discussion. Whether the night can be described as “pitch black dark”? The verdict on that is still up in the air. Feel free to add your vote to that thought in the comments!