My Favourite Mug

Anyone who knows me, or even if you’ve been following along in the blog for some time, will recognize that one of the ways I love to “chill” is with a good cuppa something. Usually a cup of something warm and soothing. Coffee starts my day and often placates it at the end. There’s nothing like a cup of hot chocolate after tobogganing. Now many of you will immediately say that tea calms your heart – and I would never disagree, although tea isn’t my first go-to (although I am learning to love good matcha…) Sit for a moment and just imagine it.

Now, continue to muse along with me about the vessel which holds your beverage. Do you have a favourite mug? Or a precious teacup that was given to you by your grandma or treasured friend? Or do you have a wacky character on your coffee mug that makes you smile after a grumpy day? We have a plethora of mugs in our cupboard. My late mother-in-law had a favourite one that “was not too big”, and I can’t bear to part with it. I like the ceramic ones that look like handmade pottery. They perfectly fit a large pod from my Keurig machine with just a dash of cream. The hubby likes a good-sized mug that could fit a small serving of breakfast cereal. I have a collection of beautiful teacups and have a soft spot for a good breakfast brunch — all fancy-like. Take a moment to think about what are the first ones out of the cupboards and into the dishwasher?

Realistically, cups, mugs and even glasses are pretty ordinary, everyday objects. We can use disposable ones and simply throw them away after a single use (although I don’t like to think that way…bring your reusables, people!) Still, where would we be without them? The great kings and queens had bejewelled goblets. The Vikings sloshed great steins in jovial celebration (usually after pillaging some poor village), and you and I continue to use a humble mug every morning. Because no matter the material or design, the cup has a purpose. It holds the liquid in. If it doesn’t fit the purpose, it overflows. Tiny teacups can only serve tiny portions. The Vikings wanted extra froth. I want a full coffee pod.

And so it is with us, my friends. How often have you thought of yourself as too ordinary or insignificant for a bigger purpose? Take a look at the variety of cups we have.  Some are beautiful yet fragile; some are sturdy yet plain; some are great for on the go yet not made to last forever. We are a lot like cups.  We come in a variety of sizes and designs.  We all have both our talents and our weaknesses.  We were not created to all be exactly the same. Still, all of us have a purpose. Let’s let our teacups remind us that we must continually be filled and poured out by God’s goodness and Holy spirit in order to be completely useful.

I know of two significant people in my life who can take a whole day to drink a morning coffee. It sits there, going cold, only to be found again about five o’clock after a full day of busyness. Or maybe your mugs get left sitting on the shelf, collecting dust in the curio cabinet. Or filled with candy or nuts and bolts or paperclips. Does anyone have those stained rings at the bottom of their cups? Are your mugs due for a good deep clean?

As Christians, we can find ourselves in some of these same places.  We may be filled to the brim and used to pour out the goodness of God.  Or we may be just sitting, looking good, but collecting dust.  We may have been filled, but then forgot about what God said about His plan. We’ve left that stagnant ring hanging around and we cling to the past. We are in need of a good cleaning.  Perhaps our lives may be so full of “other things,” that we can’t be filled with what’s best.

For a cup to be used, it must first be emptied, washed and then ready to be filled with the life-giving substance it was designed to hold. A cup can do nothing by itself, and neither can we. We need to be filled… often daily or hourly! Like our dishwashers – it’s a constant cycle of fill, empty, wash and fill again!

So tomorrow, or tonite, or as you sit and read this post, think about your favourite mug, and let it be a simple reminder to you that although ordinary, you, too, are special and purposeful in God’s big picture!

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