Be Prepared!

As I write that title, renditions of the enemy Scar’s battle cry from Disney’s Lion King rings in my head, but it is not really where I want this post to go. I first started thinking about this topic when I was out the other day, walking the puppy, when I came upon two fully blooming dandelion flowers. Now, one must remember it is the middle of a Canadian November… and dandelions arrive in the spring! Not to mention it shouldn’t be warm enough for the yellow weeds to be flourishing in the sidewalk cracks of my neighbour’s yard. But there they were in all their yellow glory! So, it had me musing about how God gave these little guys such resistant powers. Born to be survivors. A reminder to me of how we are to be used at just the right time… even if it doesn’t seem like the right time!

Those thoughts grew and morphed as I began to think about “preparedness”. I’d like to think I am prepared for things… I pack lunches the night before, make lists, set dates in the calendar, trip planning (remember that?!). Truth is, I am terrible at packing. I either bring everything… or try and survive on one pair of shoes. I find packing hard… I can book appointments though. So maybe it all balances out in the end. Preparing is like that, maybe. Perhaps we all pool our strengths together and “prepare” together. Yeah, work together, that’s it…

Christmas will be here soon. I know some of you are gung ho for the holidays and have the tree and lights up already and have been playing caroles since November first. We wait a little longer here at the Mitton house before pulling out the ornament boxes. Nonetheless, my thoughts are going forward as I wonder what 2020 Christmas will look like. The pandemic has forced us to stall preparations for concerts, potlucks and any sort of gatherings. Will we all be baking more and indulging in our own freezer filled collection of goodies because we have no one to share it with? Or will we prepare less, knowing Christmas may be a little quieter this year? Will gifts require more thought and preparation because we have to order them online versus braving the malls? Will we ever remember to make sure we have masks on and in the car? (How many times have you had to run back ? Come on, Be honest.)

I follow a few families on Instagram who still practice “preparation day” where they prepare for a day of rest and Sabbath the day before. Meals are cooked, chores done and clothes are laid out. It’s probably a good discipline, and I am not often as mindful of God’s day of rest as I should be. All too often my days all blend together and very little gets “set aside” for God and God alone. There always seems something more to do, or more to catch up on. But we have been called to be a light, to show the way, and to be prepared for His coming again:

76 And thou, child, shalt be called the prophet of the Highest: for thou shalt go before the face of the Lord to prepare his ways;

77 To give knowledge of salvation unto his people by the remission of their sins,

78 Through the tender mercy of our God; whereby the dayspring from on high hath visited us,

79 To give light to them that sit in darkness and in the shadow of death, to guide our feet into the way of peace.

Luke 1:76-79 KJV

So, as Scar sings about “the death of the King”, we should be looking forward to the “birth of the King” as we go into the holiday season, and the “coming of the King” as that day draws ever so near!! Perhaps it will look a little different this year… out of the ordinary. Yet, maybe those little November dandelions will inspire us all to bloom in the midst of challenges, to be strong when the cold winds blow… and to be prepared for whatever 2020 throws at us!

A Blog of Faith

Well… I’m just going to start typing this post and see where it ends up. It’s hard to write a “lifestyle blog” when there has been very little “life” happening. Do you really want to hear another thought about my laundry? Who knows? Maybe you do. Maybe you want to hear that I have been sleeping in, eating whatever, whenever. Maybe you want to hear how the teenagers are running amuck and personal hygiene is going out the window during this pandemic. Would it bring you comfort to know that I, too, have been falling apart some days and letting the day pass with very (and I mean very) little accomplished? Do you want to see more of my baking, craft fails or urban gardening? Perhaps pet pics? Cat videos are popular, right? I can do those. Or #momlife woes of teenage messy rooms and lost socks?

What should I blog about??

I feel like I have been stuck in this time warp — I know things in my head — but have been stuck in the valley of “unmotivation”. I’ve classified as a “Canadian, lifestyle blog with an inspirational twist”…. but how do you inspire others when there is little left to feel inspired about? Truth be told, I know that’s not accurate. I know that if I honestly took a good look around, the natural world would inspire me to smile. Our urban garden is slowly starting to produce, my family is safe and generally happy. We have been blessed with a stable income and good food on the table. We face very little persecution based on race, religion or culture.

I’m so very, very lucky in a plethora of ways. I tried looking back at some other faith based blogs… fabulous writers who have book lists and bible studies and printables. Their instagram pages are flooded with tailored shots of dogeared, leather bound Bibles and cups of coffee in handmade pottery cups from local, sustainable shops. What’s their secret? I work hard at my social media… but it doesn’t come naturally to me. I worry about showing off my kids “in public” or exposing personal information only to be used in some sad meme. Or hacked into and all my life savings stolen. Not that I’d ever be on that top priority list, I’m sure. It’s a funny paradox as a blogger — wanting to go viral but not to be exposed to the world at large.

Photo by Karolina Grabowska on

Yet, I am encouraged when I get little notes and comments (sometimes privately) from other wallflower readers that they liked this week’s post; or that some professional photographer liked my photo. The blog blossomed as my way to learn technology. I’ve learned some. I need to improve my skills, though. Perhaps that should be on my goal list. Anyone have suggestions? Free classes ‘cuz I’m cheap, though. Partnerships, perhaps? Maybe I should write a book? Should I curb my internet fears and make YouTube videos of family adventures? They would be interesting — trust me.

I’ve been thinking about our pastors and church leaders who have been forced into this internet world during the lockdown of 2020. They were called to serve people. And although the world wide web is a valuable tool, I am sure many preachers wish they didn’t have to share their sermons to a camera screen. I suspect it’s really hard to shepherd while self isolating. No one thought church would have to move online. Ministry is hard to do via Zoom. Or is it? God is bigger than my little world and He has given me an outlet to reach folks I would never (and may never) meet. And He has called us to be disciples — to put ourselves out there. Even if it’s only in my own comfortable little box right now. Even if it’s not to 1K followers. I’m here to bless the few that are are gathered — google analytics can just eat cake. And if I get up the courage to throw caution to the wind and step out of my box, I suspect He will bless that, too.

First Thessalonians 5 is rich with instruction, and reminds us to “hold on to what is good”. To test and encourage one another. Perhaps this whole world pandemic has given us a chance to see the good and make it the essential service. Things that you can’t buy or sell. Personal touches that you feel and experience. The things we miss by not being together… and the the frustrations we feel by being together just a little too much. We are such complex creatures, aren’t we? Which means there should be no end to musing about life and the great, big God that gives it to us each day. Keep on, keeping on, oh faith bloggers and loyal readers, as will I.