“Share the Love” Blog-a-versary Giveaway!

Just a quick post today to wish us a Happy Blog-a-versary!! mittonmusings.com is entering into our fourth year! I can’t believe it!! We’ve travelled along with many of you and your faith journeys, shared some joys and frustrations, learned a little, and wished for chickens…

So, I think it is time for another giveaway!!

We just celebrated Valentine’s day… so let’s Share the Love! As we focus on getting through this pandemic, holding strong to our faith, and as we look forward to where the adventure takes us, I am sharing “Staying Power” a book about building a stronger marriage when life sends its worst! Full of real life stories and tips for building that staying power. Keep it for yourself or share it with a friend!

Plus! I want you to “share the love” with eight, count ’em, eight! Vintage and handmade cards featuring flowers and pretty birds and butterflies! I needed a little spring, so whipped these up to bring joy… to you and me! Perfect for sending a little love.

So: How do we win?! Easy: Share the Love! You can enter as many times as you like, and the giveaway is open to Canadian and US followers. Here’s how to win:

  1. Like and Share this post (click “sharing is caring” down at the bottom)
  2. Like and Share on Instagram
  3. Like and Share on our Facebook page
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Enter as many times as you like! Winners will be announced next week. Until then, stay safe, and share the love!!

Hosting a Party!

Happy Blog-a-versary to us!! This week, mittonmusings.com turns two years old! I can’t believe it! What started out as a little “learning experience” has grown into a full fledged toddler — complete with the meltdowns of a terrible two year old! (I recently had to delve into the world of website analytics. Let’s just say I don’t get it — yet.) But, I have learned a lot. A lot. And I want to thank you all for supporting me and this little adventure with your comments, encouragements and “likes”.

You’ll notice some subtle changes as we “grow up” a little. I’m hoping our new look is a little more streamlined and easy on the eyes. It’s been fun learning blips and blobs of this huge world we call “technology”. And it changes fast… so we are learning to keep up! We’ve just about hit 200 followers with just under 2 000 views. We’re active on Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and you can find our Facebook page here. We are not YouTubers yet, but maybe we’ll be cool enough for that someday. Won’t the kids be so impressed?! Videography is on the list of things to learn. We dove headstrong into our first ever daily email campaign, 30 Days of Blessings, and had lots of great feedback. God has truly blessed our little ministry.

So what are we going to do to celebrate all our slow, but exciting progressions?! We’re hosting a party! Well, sort of. As much as I’d love to have you all over for cake and ice cream, the introvert in me says ” uh, no.” So, we are going to do the next best thing, we are going to all sit at home and drink warm beverages on the couch — and colour!!

Colour, you say? Yup. For the next several weeks, mittonmusings will be studying all about colours! I’m no artist, but I’ve enjoyed colouring since I was, well, two years old. So I thought it would be fun to do a study on colours, their symbolism, their psychology, and why God gave us such a rich resource to play with! We might even look into Bible Journalling and colour coded study. Are you up for it, my friends?! Fabulous!!

And what would a party be without presents? Oh, we are going to have those too! How can you get one?! By joining us on the adventure! And sharing it with others! Throughout the colour party, I’ll be looking for likes, shares and new followers! It’s how the internet decides we are “worthy” of taking up space in it’s crazy world! Simply click on the side “follow” button, or join the adventure when prompted in the pop up! Then pick your favourite post, write a raving “colour commentary”, and share it on your favourite social site! It warms my heart to think that I have had a little impact on making people think, helping them grow, and encouraging blessings along the journey. Will you help me celebrate?! I’ll meet you on the couch next week, with crayons in hand!!

Can’t wait to have you join us!